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Winter Hair Care: 14 Tips For Healthy Hair & Scalp

Winter Hair Care: 14 Tips For Healthy Hair & Scalp

The colder winter months have arrived, so it’s time to begin thinking about how you will maintain healthy hair and a healthy scalp throughout this season. Cold weather brings about drier skin, nails, and hair, but it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Here are 14 tips on how you can maintain healthy hair and a healthy scalp during these cold winter months.

1. Rinse in the Cold

Did you know that your shower’s water temperature is equally as important as the hair care products you use? Tempting as it sounds, rinsing your locks in hot water is counterproductive to maintaining a healthy hair care routine. 

Hot water causes frizz, static, and dehydration to both your hair strands and scalp. This is because hot water can contribute to a dry scalp by stripping your hair and scalp of its natural oils. Opt for a cool water rinse instead. Cold water closes the cuticle of your hair strands, which locks in moisture and allows the hair to remain smooth and shiby.

2. Invest in a Humidifier

Humidifiers are hair lifesavers during the winter months. Indoor heat causes the air to become dry, resulting in dry skin and hair. Plug in a humidifier to moisten the air around you and keep your mane moisturized too. 

3. Trim it Up

Mark your calendar every four to eight weeks for a routine hair trim. Trimming your hair frequently will nip away split ends and prevent them from becoming worse. Your hair will appear healthier and less dry afterward. 

If you do not want a trim that often or do not wish to shorten your hair length, ask your stylist for a hair dusting. Hair dusting involves getting rid of split ends without removing length. Hair will appear healthier while you maintain your existing hair length and shape.

4. Embrace Hat Hair, Kind Of

Warm, cozy winter hats are great for adapting to the temperature changes when going from the warm indoors to the cold outdoors. However, trapping in heat and the natural oils on your hair and scalp can lead to scalp discomfort from an overproduction of oil.

To stay warm without irritating your scalp, look for silk or satin-lined winter hats or bonnets. 

These softer fabrics reduce the friction between your hair and the coarse fibers of the hat that cause breakage. Excess friction also causes unwanted split ends and hair frizz. Spritz a dry oil on your strands for an extra boost of protection to revive dry hair and seal in moisture. 

5. Deep Condition & Leave It In

Deep conditioners are excellent for restoring lost moisture in your hair during the cold, dry winter months, and leave-in conditioners will add all-day hydration after you’ve left the shower. 

Both types of conditioners are nourishing and help retain moisture and smooth hair. 

6. Lay Off The Heat

Heat styling is especially damaging to already dry and damaged hair. Blow drying removes moisture from your hair, and heat styling such as curling irons and flat irons also reduces moisture on your hair strands.

This extra heat will cause added dryness and possible damage to already compromised hair. Allow your hair to air dry or wash it at night, so it has time to dry naturally. For certain hair types, you can wear a braid overnight and remove it the following morning for a textured hairstyle without using heat.

7. Style Protectively

Style your hair in a bun, braid, or half up during the colder months. These styles help protect your hair from the chill of the winter air. Hair is allowed to rest and maintain its moisture rather than being exposed to cool, dry hair. 

Loosely twist hair into a bun and toss on a silk-lined winter hat for a fun winter style that adds warmth and mane protection.

To stay warm without irritating your scalp, look for silk or satin-lined winter hats...

8. Don’t Wear Wet Hair Outdoors

Yes, we said to minimize heat styling during the winter months, but try not to go outdoors with wet hair. The potential for damaging your damp hair in cold weather is real. 

When your hair is wet, it is very vulnerable. Water molecules in damp hair exposed to cold temperatures will expand the hair’s cuticle, making it more prone to breakage. 

Choose to either wash your hair at night and allow it to air-dry overnight or, if you must, blow-dry it on a low heat setting before going outdoors. Both of these options are better than exposing your delicate wet hair to cold environmental elements.

9. Avoid Over-washing

Over-washing your hair, especially when it’s cooler out, adds stress to your tresses, no matter what water temperature water you use. Try skipping a day between washes since the natural oils in your hair help protect it from the winter elements. 

If washing your hair less frequently doesn’t sound doable, try a spritz or two of dry shampoo between washes, but keep it minimal so as not to clog your hair follicles or contribute to buildup on the scalp. Dry shampoo will nix excess oils at the hairline and freshen up your hair. 

Remember that dry shampoo absorbs oils, so use it sparingly. Overusing dry shampoo will defeat the purpose of washing your hair less often.

10. Sleep on Satin

Satin and silk pillowcases are ideal for use on dry hair. The satin or silk adds slip between the hair and pillow, preventing hair tugging and friction breakage. Cotton pillowcases absorb moisture from the hair, while satin and silk maintain moisture and are cooler to sleep on for some people.

11. Switch it Up

Revive your hair care routine with products designed for your hair type, and with scalp health in mind. Often during the winter months, your hair and scalp have different needs than they do during the rest of the year. 

Restore moisture and support healthy hair and scalp by switching up your products as needed.

12. Care For Your Dry Scalp With Jupiter

A dry, itchy scalp is very common, especially during the winter months. Regain moisture and reduce hair breakage with specially formulated hair care products. Try Jupiter’s Balancing Shampoo for a soothing cleanse. Formulated with the active ingredient Zinc Pyrithione, this shampoo gets to the root of flaking, irritation, and dry scalp. It is scientifically formulated to work with the Nourishing Conditioner for dandruff control and moisturization. 

The “Gotta Get” Set contains luxe ingredients that support healthy hair and scalp, such as:

  • Zinc Pyrithione 1%: medicated active ingredient that is scientifically proven to treat dandruff

  • Coconut Oil: Moisturizes, softens, and hydrates the hair and scalp

  • Squalene: A plant-derived moisturizer that prevents breakage and increases shine

  • Sugar Kelp Extract: Anti-aging, antibacterial properties, and scalp rehydration

  • Green tea: Supports healthy hair growth

  • Probiotics: Promotes healthy balanced scalp microbiome

  • Colloidal Oatmeal: Soothes dry scalp and restores moisture barrier

  • Pataua Oil: Strengthens hair and helps repair split ends

13. Clarify

Clarifying your hair during the winter months is vital for removing product buildup from the scalp. SPF, hair products, salt sprays, and lotions used during the summer months likely caused added buildup that is weighing your hair down.

It’s time to remove buildup by wiping the slate clean with our Purifying Mask. This foaming weekly scalp mask works to eliminate product buildup, dead skin cells (flakes), and excess oils. 

The spa-like foaming mask is rich in ingredients that pamper your hair and scalp with a natural exfoliating experience. A few of these luxurious ingredients include:

  • Volcanic ash: Absorbs excess oil and exfoliates the scalp

  • Argan oil: Promotes frizz-free hair and boosts hydration

  • Biotin: Improves hair strand thickness and luminosity

  • Panthenol: Prevents moisture loss and leaves hair fuller

  • Rosemary Leaf Oil: Supports dry scalp/ dandruff control

14. Increase H2O Intake

Drinking more water and increasing healthy food intake high in vitamins and minerals will encourage healthier hair. Proper nutrition is vital for maintaining healthy hair, skin, and nails. Just like drinking water and staying hydrated is important for the skin on your face and body, it helps to hydrate the skin on your scalp as well.

According to the CDC, recommended water consumption amounts varies by age and behavioral characteristics, but drinking 64 oz throughout the day is a good starting point.

Summing it Up

Wintertime can bring cool temperatures and dry air which can sometimes be cruel to our hair and scalp, but you have the tools to maintain healthy hair and a moisturized scalp with Jupiter.

Designed to promote a healthy scalp and lustrous, shiny hair, Jupiter’s line of scalp and hair care products will keep your scalp moisturized and hair looking its best (goodbye dry winter locks!). 

Take our quiz to build your personalized healthy hair care plan today.

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The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice, nor is it a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician with any questions you may have about the information contained herein, as well as the risks or benefits of any treatment.