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Why You Need A Scalp Brush Now

Written by Ross Goodhart
Why You Need A Scalp Brush Now

Think about your scalp at this very moment. Is it feeling dry? Is it feeling greasy? What does it need right now?

Around here, we care about scalp health and happiness. It’s kind of our thing. We’re willing to bet that your scalp could benefit from some TLC, whether it’s a new product routine or a cool rinse. We’re also willing to bet that it could use a good massage.

You know that incredible moment at the hair salon when they take you over to the sink for a shampoo and give your scalp a glorious massage? If you’re anything like us, you never want that moment to end. Well luckily, there’s a handy little tool that can make sure it never does.

Friend, meet the scalp brush. (Scalp brush, meet friend.)

This bathroom must-have is the tool your head has been missing. Designed to gently exfoliate your scalp, these brushes do more than just massage. From actually improving the look and health of your hair to removing excess build-up, once you start using a scalp brush, you’ll never go back.

Seriously. Keep reading to see what all the fuss is about with six reasons why you need a scalp brush right now.

Real Quick: What Is a Scalp Brush?

Simply put, a scalp brush is a massaging tool designed for direct use on your scalp. Unlike regular hair brushes, which seek to untangle hair strands, scalp brushes are more focused on your roots.

Generally, scalp brushes look like palm-sized circular brushes with flexible silicone bristles. Many people keep them in their shower or bathroom on a hook for easy access. And trust us, you’ll always want one nearby.

What Does a Scalp Brush Do?

So, now that we know what a scalp brush is, let’s talk about what it does because the list of benefits is long — we’re going to talk about the top six benefits.

1. Scalp Brushes Help Remove Build-Up and Dandruff

This is a biggie for us. Most people will experience dandruff at some point in their lives, so finding a tool that can help alleviate their symptoms is huge.

Dandruff essentially just means you’re experiencing a build-up of skin cells and oil on your scalp, which then begins to flake off. There’s a lot of reasons why this may occur. Everything from your diet to genetics to your choice in shampoo can impact the health of your scalp and the microbiome that’s always at work on top of it.

As scalp massagers are excellent exfoliators, these brushes may help stop the cycle of dandruff, freeing your scalp of the sebum and yeast cells that tend to overstay their welcome when we see flakes. Paired with a powerful anti-dandruff cleanser, like Jupiter’s Balancing Shampoo formulated with the active ingredient Zinc Pyrithione and a host of soothing natural ingredients, scalp brushes help keep fungal overgrowths and flaking at bay.

Even if you’re not experiencing dandruff, scalp brushes can do wonders for removing excess product build-up and oils from your roots. If you’ve ever woken up in the morning with bed head courtesy of dry shampoo, you know how hard it can be to fully cleanse your scalp.

Scalp brushes facilitate exfoliation and scalp refreshment, so your past product use is never keeping you from a perfect hair day.

2. Scalp Brushes Feel So Good

Okay, we know this one is subjective, but we’ve yet to meet someone who doesn’t love the feeling of a scalp massage. Whether it’s scratching an itch or rubbing up against some tension, a scalp brush is an ultra-soothing way to show your head some care and love.

Try to think about your shower and shampoo routine. Are you rushing through it? Casually slapping some product on, waiting for suds, and then rinsing out immediately? For many of us, wash days just feel like chores.

Scalp brushes encourage us to slow down, work the product into our scalp and hair, and enjoy the moment — the satisfying moment. Trust us, you’ll start looking forward to showers like never before.

3. Scalp Brushes Can Help Stimulate Hair Growth

When we clear our scalp of excess oils and products, we also make way for new growth. Scientists say that exfoliation of that kind can ​​promote hair growth and healthier looking hair overall.

What's more, research tells us that regular exfoliation of the scalp can result in thicker hair. Studies found that stretching the root of the hair with a scalp massage might actually change the genetic expression of that hair strand.

So if you’re struggling with thin hair or complications due to heat damage or chemical dyes, we’d definitely recommend bringing a scalp brush into your hair care routine.

All habits that actually promote a healthier result should feel this good. When they invent the massaging treadmill, let us know. Until then, we’ll be brushing our scalps.

4. Scalp Brushes Help Work Your Products In

As we mentioned before, rushing through your shampoo routine can be a surefire way to miss out on its benefits. It’s not just about taking time for yourself — fully working shampoos and conditioners into your scalp is the only way to ensure you’re reaping the most reward out of your products.

Scalp massagers help us achieve a deep clean, working hand-in-hand with the properties in shampoos that clear away oils and build-up.

Whether it’s because you’re rushing or because there’s one spot on your scalp that always manages to miss some product, scalp massagers help ensure every part of your head is getting the care it deserves.

...these brushes may help stop the cycle of dandruff, freeing your scalp of the sebum and yeast cells that tend to overstay their welcome when we see flakes.

5. Scalp Brushes Help With Circulation

Many dermatologists point to circulation when they’re trying to help facilitate healthier and more youthful-looking skin. It may be surprising, but blood flow is actually a pretty important factor in regenerative skin and hair growth.

You can probably guess what we’ll say next. Yep, in addition to all of the benefits we’ve listed so far, scalp brushes help increase circulation, too.

An increase in blood flow to the scalp can help promote a healthier environment for hair growth. So, in addition to seeing thicker hair strands, you can also potentially see more stable and faster growth.

If your scalp is severely itchy and irritated or you struggle with psoriasis, talk to your dermatologist or trichologist before giving a scalp brush a try. As it will increase blood flow, it can also lead to more inflammation if the area is already sensitive or has broken or exposed skin.

6. Scalp Brushes Detangle Your Hair

If you’re prone to stubborn knots, first of all, we feel you, and second of all, we can’t recommend a scalp brush enough.

Scalp brushes help detangle your hair at the roots. If you’re using it in the shower, it can also help protect your hair from breakage that typically occurs when your hair is wet.

To recap, scalp brushes can help with the following:

  • Remove excess build-up or flaking

  • Provide you with an otherworldly head massage

  • Stimulate hair growth and strand thickness

  • Work in product to better cleanse and condition your hair

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Detangle your hair strands

  • Now that’s our kind of multipurpose product.

How Do I Use a Scalp Brush?

By now, you’re probably itching to make a scalp brush a part of your hair care routine. But before you do, let’s discuss how to use them because it’s a little bit different than your standard hairbrush.

Before or while shampooing your hair, gently press the brush against your scalp. Move the brush around your scalp in a circular motion, moving from the front to the back of your head.

If you’re looking for maximal exfoliation, dry brushing is the move. If you’re focused on getting your cleanser fully worked into your scalp, use the brush in the shower while you’re shampooing. Bonus: this feels so good.

We recommend using a scalp brush two to three times a week. Use it right before a hair mask or deep clean to really free your scalp of build-up or whenever you need a really good head massage.

Ready to Start Using a Scalp Brush?

We thought you might say that.

There are so many wonderful reasons to bring a scalp brush into your hair care routine, and once you start setting aside time to regularly massage your scalp, you’ll never look back.

Jupiter’s ergonomically-designed scalp brush is specifically designed to help remove impurities from the scalp and gently work with our Balancing Shampoo to get a deep clean. In addition to providing a stress-relieving and glorious head massage, it also comes with a waterproof chain so you can easily store the brush on a hook in your shower or bathroom.

Check out our scalp brush now and read the reviews to see why true hair care has never felt better.

Scalp Brush
Scalp Brush

Our exfoliating scalp brush helps remove build-up from flaking, styling products, or other impurities. Gently dry brush the scalp in circular motions before washing, or in the shower while you lather your shampoo with gentle front-to-back strokes. Added bonus: a cleaner scalp means thicker and healthier looking hair. It just so happens to feel really really good, too.

The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice, nor is it a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician with any questions you may have about the information contained herein, as well as the risks or benefits of any treatment.