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Hair Detox: How to Get Healthy Strands & Scalp

Written by Robbie Salter
Hair Detox: How to Get Healthy Strands & Scalp

To detox means to remove dirt, oil, and other toxins or impurities. Let’s talk about wiping your scalp slate clean. We’ll give you the scoop on what a hair and scalp detox is, why it’s important, and how to detox your scalp for healthier, shinier hair.  

What is a Hair Detox?

Many people want to wash away the remnants of impurities and buildup that low-quality hair care products, hard water minerals, and chemical toxins leave behind in their hair. Consistent use of the same products over and over may lead to scalp build-up and limp, dull, lifeless hair. 

Detoxing your hair is similar to detoxing your skin. Certain hair care products are applied to cleanse the scalp and hair in a way that leaves the scalp invigorated and your strands healthy and moisturized. Detoxing your hair revives it, bringing it back to life, adding shine and bounce.

Scalp and hair detox is essential to do year-round, but the summer months are especially important for strand detoxing. 

This is because sweat, oils, and product buildup occur more often during the summer months because sebum (oil) production peaks with warmer temperatures. Add sunscreen use, saltwater, and chlorine, and you have one big buildup waiting to happen. So let’s talk about why hair detox is essential.

Why Is Hair Detox Important?

Hair detox is important for many reasons. It is just as important to keep your hair and scalp clean as it is the rest of your body. When your hair is not cleaned properly, scalp buildup occurs. 

Haircare products sometimes leave residue on the scalp and hair strands that make the hair and scalp waxy, oily, or heavy. When this occurs, along with natural oil and sweat buildup, the hair follicles risk becoming clogged. Clogged hair follicles may cause redness, swelling, irritation, and, eventually, could even lead to hair fall.

Hair and scalp detox help break up these irritating substances and leave the scalp and hair clean and residue-free. Sounds good, right?

What Are the Benefits of Hair Detox?

Hair detox removes unwanted scalp and hair buildup, leaving the hair squeaky clean. Anyone can detox their hair, and it’s appropriate for any hair type. Hair detox enlivens the strands and leaves them shinier and more manageable. It also helps balance oil, supports dandruff control, and may help reduce hair loss. Overall, a hair detox is a safe and beneficial act of self-care.

Hair detox enlivens the strands and leaves them shinier and more manageable. It also helps balance oil, supports dandruff control, and may help reduce hair loss.

How To Detox Your Hair at Home

Jupiter made it easier for you to detox your hair at home and support daily hair and scalp balance through regular shampooing and conditioning protocols.

Purify With an Exfoliating Mask

Get ready for a spa-like experience with Jupiter’s Purifying Mask, it’s your go-to for scalp and hair detox. 

This mask will break up and remove impurities, leaving your hair free of excess buildup and dead skin cells while your mind is left cool, calm, and collected. Use this mask once per week before shampooing to keep buildup away. 

Simply apply to dry or damp hair and scalp and allow it to work its magic for five minutes, rinse, and follow with shampoo and conditioner. 

The indulgent Jupiter Purifying Mask contains:

  • Volcanic Ash: Draws out impurities and absorbs excess oil

  • Argan Oil: Boosts hydrations while discouraging frizz

  • Biotin: Improves hair strand thickness and luster

  • Panthenol: Leaves hair feeling more voluminous

Scalp Brush

Let’s talk about brushes. Do you have a scalp brush? Scalp brushes are essential for maintaining a clean, exfoliated scalp because they help remove scalp buildup, encourage scalp circulation, and help your dandruff and scalp care products work more effectively. 

Scalp brushes are generally used three to four times per week and are an easy and affordable way to keep your scalp exfoliated (and the scalp massage feels great too!). 

Balancing Shampoo

The type of shampoo you use is crucial if you want your scalp and strands to remain clean and healthy. After exfoliating and detoxifying the hair, it is vital that you cleanse your hair with shampoo to wash away the loosened buildup. 

Jupiter’s Balancing Shampoo is scientifically formulated to treat dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis while keeping your hair looking healthy and moisturized. It helps reduce flaking and controls scalp buildup thanks to the start active ingredient Zinc Pyrithione, and luxe natural ingredients like squalane, coconut oil, and sugar kelp extract.

Nourishing Conditioner

Conditioning your hair is equally as important as a good shampoo session. Conditioner will replenish moisture to the hair and scalp after the hair detox removes impurities.

Following your shampooing, condition your hair with our Nourishing Conditioner to nourish the scalp and hair with hydrating ingredients that leave your hair feeling silky smooth, and soothed. This formula reduces tangling and breakage, helps prevent split ends, and moisturizes the scalp and hair strands.

The luxe ingredients that make up this creamy formula formula include:

  • Green Tea Extract: Supports healthy hair growth with anti-aging support

  • Colloidal Oatmeal: Soothes and restores skin’s natural moisture barrier

  • Probiotics: Promotes healthy scalp microbiome

  • Pataua Oil: Helps prevent damage and split ends

Let It Set: The Restoring Serum

Jupiter’s Restoring Serum is scientifically formulated dandruff care that will work overtime all day, outside of the shower, to add to your detox hair care regimen. This serum was made for you if you tend to wash your hair a bit less frequently because of your hair type or if you wear a wig, extensions, or protective hairstyles.

Formulated with Zinc-Pyrithione, this medicated leave-in serum controls scalp discomfort between washes. It leaves your hair and scalp fresh and clean thanks to ingredients like aloe vera juice, and niacinamide.

Other Ways To Help Care for Your Scalp

Keep it clean from the inside out by caring for your body, too. Along with using the proper hair care products, it is equally as essential to care for your body on the inside. Drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet to maintain a healthy scalp and lustrous hair strands. 

Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair

Yes, some foods support hair growth, glowing skin, and healthy nails. The right foods and balanced nutrition plan will lead to healthier hair. Here are a few foods high in good-for-you nutrients to support healthy hair.

  • Eggs -- Protein and biotin, vitamin B

  • Salmon -- Omega-3 fatty acids

  • Berries -- Vitamin C

  • Sweet Potatoes -- Vitamin A, beta carotene, vitamin K

  • Nuts -- Vitamin E and protein

  • Seeds -- Omega-3 fatty acids

  • Spinach -- Iron, folate, vitamin A

  • Beans -- Protein and vitamin 

  • Shrimp -- Vitamin D

  • Oysters -- Zinc

Increase H2O?

Your water intake affects how your body performs, so it makes sense that it affects your hair too. Drinking the recommended amount of water per day will help flush toxins out of the body and give your skin a natural glow. Increasing water intake will also support healthy energy levels and performance. 


A hair detox is a fantastic way to clean your strands thoroughly without stripping them of their natural oils. A hair and scalp detox will remove flakes, product buildup, and residue that are weighing your hair down, revealing cleaner, healthier looking hair. 

Jupiter offers the best products for keeping your scalp cleansed and your hair strong and healthy. Our products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, and phthalate-free and formulated with only the best ingredients to keep your hair detoxed and your scalp in balance.

To find your personalized hair care plan, take a short quiz with Jupiter’s Board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Julie Karen

Purifying Mask
Purifying Mask

Our clarifying foaming scalp mask eliminates excess build-up, gently clears away dead skin, and feels like an at-home exfoliating spa treatment. Designed for use once a week before you wash. the mineral-rich volcanic ash pulls out impurities, while other high-end ingredients nourish the scalp, leaving you cool, calm, collected, and smelling sublime.

The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice, nor is it a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician with any questions you may have about the information contained herein, as well as the risks or benefits of any treatment.